My name is Nathan, and I started to offer the concealed carry and discreet tactical bag consumer a place to easily shop for the "not so obvious" tactical bag.

I spent almost a decade traveling the world in some of the most dangerous countries, visiting with defense contractors, police, military, and other governmental agencies for my job. In order to do my job and stay safe, after a few close calls, I quickly realized the need to maintain a low profile. This realization led to a continued honing of spy like trade-craft skills, that extended to my personal style, demeanor, dress, and yes, even my "bags." I cannot tell you how many times I was able to "spot" someone in the business, be it in the U.S. or internationally, just simply because of their choice of suitcase, backpack, messenger bag, etc.

In a market dominated by tactical bags covered with MOLLE and Velcro, I know how difficult it can be to find that perfect low profile rifle, pistol, or every day carry bag. Tactical bags serve a "functional purpose," but when trying not to attract attention to yourself and your capabilities and/or stowed tools, you still want to be prepared, but not obvious.

So whether you are shopping today for the mission we will never know about, your cool new Concealed Carry, or a discreet SHTF Bug Out Bag, thank you for your business. And remember, Be Prepared, Not Obvious.™


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