Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panel 10.75in x 7in

Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panel 10.75in x 7in

  • 10.75 inches wide by 7 inches tall
  • High Strength Polyethylene
  • 6 ounces in weight

The RIP-M is designed to be a customize-able MOLLE panel that can be inserted into a bag, mounted to a vehicle, safe, or Pelican Case. This size is made with easy vehicle mounting options in mind (think center console box, doors, below steering wheel etc.). Will also make a great fit for smaller satchels, purses, and bags.

Designed for Military, Law Enforcement, First Responders, Shooting Sports, Outdoor Sportsman, and any pursuit requiring essential gear being organized and accessible when the moment is critical. (Accessories in photos are used for illustration only and are not included.)


Mount to vehicles, storage cases, safe doors, inside backpack, etc. with the "RIP-M Hook & Loop Accessory Pack" or "Mounting Kit for RIP-M - Adjustable MOLLE 1 Inch Webbing Straps with Side Release Buckles". Hardware can also be used to mount the RIP-M by drilling mounting holes and then securing with an appropriate fastener and spacers as needed.

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